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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


....it's been rather quiet on here but life has been a tad manic to say the least. Ron heads back to the Caribbean shortly so the list-making is in full swing. I seem to have masses to do at work so I can "swan off" (and that's the polite version from my work colleagues!) so the time will fly before I leave in December.

Bear with us, folks.......normal service will be resumed, promise!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Grand Tour 2011

Ron and I are off on our travels round the UK again. We'll be visiting family and friends starting on Friday in Topsham and ending in Ely at the end of August via Manchester, Bradford and the Lake District (and possibly a few other places along the way). It doesn't look like outdoor Shakespeare or cricket will feature this time round but we couldn't pass up the opportunity of racing at Newmarket.

Providing I manage to remember the camera and the lead to connect it to the PC, we'll be updating the blog periodically.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The REAL Wedding

Well, we did it, it was wonderful, words cannot describe the emotion of the day. The weather was worryingly wet first thing, but our combined meteorological might ensured it dried up in time, but bright rather than sunny which is why the photos look a bit flat, but hey, it is the tropics......!

If you are wondering why why we don't have sand between our toes, we realised the villa was so beautiful and the view so stunning, and the champagne easier to keep cold, that it was a bit of a no brainer to relocate the ceremony to Tamarind Villa (http://www.bequiatamarind.com/photo.htm)

In the days since the wedding, we've done very little other than eat very good food. We arranged for a local lady to prepare a meal a typical West Indian meal for us one evening and ended up with enough food to feed a large family (or us for at least a week).

We return to Zahara tomorrow and we leave for St Lucia on Thursday. After a few days in Marigot Bay putting the boat to bed for the hurricane season, we return to the UK on 13/14th May.

Mr and Mrs Greig-Dunn

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Return to paradise

The trip to St Lucia went remarkably smoothly and although I had been concerned about making the connecting flight to Bequia, I couldn't have asked for a better transfer....in fact, I now know how celebrities feel. I was met off the Virgin flight, taken straight through immigration and once my bag appeared on the carousel, it was straight on the 8 seater islander aircraft. We actually took off 10 minutes early! The other 5 American passengers were going to Canouan so now I've been, albeit briefly, to a Carribean island that Ron hasn't visited yet. A short hop later, just me clearing through customs and immigration, and I was being met by Ron in arrivals. It was a lovely taxi ride into Port Elizabeth (the Bequian taxis are open pickup trucks with bench seats in the back), the calm and sunny weather in stark contrast to what Ron had been experiencing for some considerable time! We had time to take my bags to the boat then return ashore to Coco's place for a creole kingfish dinner.

The days have flown by, the weather has been fantastic and we've been surprisingly busy getting ourselves prepared for the week in Tamarind Villa. We did manage a day sail last week, circumnavigating the island, which eased Ron's desire to go sailing (at least for a while!). We decided to give the regatta a miss this year; in the end the conditions would have been perfect for a small boat with a clean bottom but there's always next year..... We arrived at the villa yesterday and it is even more beautiful than the photos on the website suggest (http://www.bequiatamarind.com/), despite the rather cloudy skies and frequent showers.

The photos are of Montreal Botanical Gardens on St Vincent which we visited early last week. It's taking time to upload them, there will be more, promise!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Counting the days

If truth be told, I have been counting the days since I arrived back in the UK on 22nd January. It started at 83 and we're now down to 12 and I am manically writing lists so I don't forget anything (I don't fancy a repeat of last time where forgetfulness meant I missed my train to the airport!). Ron is managing to keep himself busy (apart from writing lists....there's even a list of lists now...!) and we're both very excited about my arrival in Bequia on a very small plane.

My flight from the UK is now leaving 2 1/2 hours later than originally scheduled. This means a close call to catch the connecting flight if there are any further delays as it is due to leave 45 minutes after the Virgin flight arrives. SVG Air assure me that I will make it onto the plane but have advised packing essentials into my hand luggage as it's pretty certain that my suitcase won't make it and will have to follow on the following day's flight.

The next update will probably be after I arrive, WiFi allowing (and to say it's been variable on Zahara would be an understatement!).